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Scalping and In Play Live Sports Trading

This Auto sports Trading software is the best I've ever come across, a must to serious sports traders

The vast amount of live sporting events offers many opportunities to trade In Play during live events, which in turn offers varying fluctuating odds between betting exchanges and traditional bookmakers.

Below are just some of the advantages of trading once an event is LIVE in PLAY.

1. By analysing a match once it is underway offers far more profit over a long period, than traditional methods of placing a wager or bet before the event as started.

2. You will be able to assess if an individual player i.e. tennis, snooker or golf player is playing to their best form, often a pre match favourite will play well below par, this then offers valuable odds on the other player or team, especially if you are monotoring more than one set of odds across more than one bookmaker or exchange.

3. Often a particular match will have heavy support before the event has started, therefore during play many people  will use the betting exchanges to trade out of their positions with a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome is, this in turn often leaves great odds to bet In Play say when a team is 2 - 0 up with only twenty minutes left or say a snooker player is 4 - 1 up first to 5 and is amongst the balls and is known as a consistent break builder, or it could be a golfer 4 shots in front with only 3 holes to play.

4. I often look for top of the table teams who have gone two goals clear, yes the odds will be very restrictive, but you can set prices to trade out, otherwise known as " Greening " i.e. take a profit no matter what the result is.

5. I also like to lay more than 3 or 4 goals, when the match is In Play say after 35 minutes and the score is still 0 - 0 you would be surprised how much value there is to be taken, then I may " Green Out " around 75 minutes of play.

6. I personally still use certain maximum liability limits, I have created my own table which highlights what stakes I should place during an In Play market in accordance to my overall In Play betting bank, based on a certain percentage strength of what I access the final outcome to be.

7. Yes results can swing dramatically in play which in turn alters the In Play prices, but it is still possible to trade out of such a position when the score changes during an In Play event, doing this prevents all the original stake to be lost, again this is the beauty with LIve In Play trading.

See how you can grow your own In Play Betting Bank, below shows my own In Play Betting Bank which I started off in Jan 2012 with only £1000. Also checkout my In Play Staking Limits SpreadSheet.

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