Trading On Sports Small Steps, Long Term Profit


Daily Profit Target apx 2.2% of my overall running Trading Bank.

*** Note if you can achieve this, it would generate 24.335% Profit off your starting Trading Bank. In just10 trading Days.

My own profit should be much better than this. I set 2.2% as my own daily target, for I feel this is my comfort zone.


Method A. (Live Trading Strategy)

Pre Off - Scalping Horse Racing -

I normally trade the first two in the market, but NEVER before 5 mins before the off. I look for a move in the market, Then use the make market function in the BetAngel Software. What this basically does, is place two trades 1 tick above and below the market price. I'm quite happy to conduct just a couple of trades like this, until a profit is generated.

Method B. (Live Trading Strategy)

Scalping Horse Racing -

Laying in running (Horses that look well beaten) I use BetAngel Software, this is the best on the market.

Method C. (Can be set up using Automation Tool In BetAngel Professional)

Trading the 0-0 in soccer games, example back between 5 and 15 soccer games. Back the 0-0 at odds of 11/1 (12s) or higher, trade out when you have generated apx 11% profit against your overall outlay. I highly recommend you only outlay apx 4% of your overall bank roll. So for example say your starting bank is £1000 this would allow you to outlay a total of £40 say on 10 matches. Therefore be happy to trade out with over 11% profit. Increase stakes as your profit grows.

The edge is the average odds for a match ending 0-0 across all leagues is around 9/1 (10s) Trading on Betfair means you can average MUCH higher odds than this.

The avg odds of a game being 0-0 at half time is around 2.2/1 (3.2s) again trading the 0-0 on Betfair means you will get better odds than this. The other edge is, that you will often trade out of say a group of matches, say 9 games, way before half time. The average time the 1st goal is scored in the English Leagues is around 31 mins.

Method D. (Can be set up using Automation Tool In BetAngel Professional)

I sometiimes use the opposite strategy and LAY the 0-0 but only after 15 - 16 mins if no goal is scored. The reason I do this, is the odds drop to more realistic odds after the first 15mins. I'm looking at laying under 10s.

START DATE 15/11/14 -


To Verify this profit I will show screen shots or I will attach the spreadsheet downloaded from Betfair.

WEEK 1                £340.46                     WEEK 2              £279.52                       WEEK 3

Sat 15 Nov Profit  £170.00                     Sat 22 Nov  Profit £ 76.29                      Sat 29 Nov    Profit £ 15.64                

Sun 16 Nov Profit  £ 65.49                     Sun 23 Nov  Profit £ 64.00                     Sun 30 Nov Lose - £ 16.84

Mon 17 Nov Profit  £ 56.51                     Mon 24 Nov Profit £ 72.63                     Mon 1 Dec Lose   - £ 90.09

Tue 18 Nov Profit   £ 33.00                    Tue 25 Nov   Lose -£ 9.05                     Tue 2 Dec

Wed 19 Nov Profit £ 73.12                     Wed 26 Nov  Profit £ 60.23                   Wed 3 Dec

Thur 20 Nov Profit £ 47.74                     Thur 27 Nov  Profit £ 16.02                   Thur 4 Dec

Fri 21 Nov    Lost -£105.49                     Fri 28 Nov     No Trades                       Fri 5 Dec

WEEK 4                                                   WEEK 5                                                 WEEK 6