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Goalless Draw Stats Major Euro Leagues Since 2013 - Up Until Current.

*** Note Screenshot will be updated periodically.

I trade when certain leagues are away from the moving average ' shown as the red line '. When I see that the Percentages are much lower than the moving average, this indicates a good time to actually trade and back the 0-0 correct scores. Naturally at the most favourable odds available up until kick off. I normally request 1 or 2 ticks above the actual price several hours before kick off.

When the percentages are much higher than the moving average, this indicates a good time to start laying the 0-0s ideally lower than 11s, again I normally place trades slightly lower than the current lay odds. In this case I leave the trade even when it goes in play, for if a goal is scored, then no trade as taken place. Say after 10mins and no goal is scored, you can get matched a slightly less odds than around kick off.

The chart example below, allows me to spot opportunities for both lay and back 0-0 correct scores.

*** Just a word of warning, these stats are expressed over many seasons, it is very possible longer than the normal sequences can occur. For instance I have seen certain leagues in which No 0-0 occurred for over 70 games. But long term each league will move closer to the moving average.

Finally the bars right of the Centre Average are expressing the current season. I will try and update at least once every couple of weeks.

Updated 09/11/16 Before any matches

Always look to switch strategies, when you can see value.
Below is a current strategy I like to use.
Trading and laying the 0-0 apx 33.333% less than current odds near to kick off.