Trading On Sports Small Steps, Long Term Profit
 *** Please note we will not advise bets every day, but only when we believe we can provide value prices for our selections ***

If Jesus Christ had to tip a horse or sports bet every day, I think he would lose .... hopefully you get the point I'm making.

Please see our advice on obtaining the best odds available on our recommended selections. Go to our live odds section.

Our stake suggestions:- Maximum Bet 5% of your Betting Bank, lowest bet advised 1% see below:- SEE RESULTS & ADVISED STAKES section for further details.

1% = 20 2% = 40 3% = 60 4% = 80 5% = 100

If your betting bank to start with is £2000 and we advise a 60 point bet this equals 3% of your betting bank therefore your stake outlay would be £60 another example if your betting bank is £5000 and we advise a 80 point bet this equals 4% of your betting bank, therefore your stake outlay would be £200 it is very important you remain within your initial betting bank. We will in the future give pointers and advice on how to adjust your betting bank based on future profits or loss in any particular month, or say over a three month period, or every 40 bets, see our results section for further details.

All final advised bets are submitted by  Paul Dransfield contact details are provided on the contact section.