Trading On Sports Small Steps, Long Term Profit

8 Key Factors that we base our advice on

1. We look for the best " VALUE ODDS " we also factor in the bookmakers margins and focus on the pricing loopholes in the ever increasing sports books available online.

2.. How much do we stake? - This depends on the strength of our bet, after considering many factors mentioned here, read below. Although we like to stake in accordance to our profit after taking out profit at regular periods througout the year, see our RESULTS & ADVISED STAKES section for further details.

3. Weight of money. Our analysists and researchers use sophicisticated software programs to check amount of money wagered on our selections up until the release of our advice, we hope you get on early like ourselves, this is where we obtain the maximum value, before major price alterations by the bookmakers generally.

4. Price Change. Sometimes even we miss the maximum value, but monotoring price changes, known as " steamers " it can pay off by closely watching the market swings. 

5. Latest News.We obviously keep alert to injuries and team changes, jockey changes etc.

6. Current Form. Very important in our final analysis to monitor latest current form.

7. Past historic Stats. We certainly factor in all historic stats. Applying coltlated quantitative analysis is something we believe is the " golden key " to long term profits.

8. Match and Race Conditions. It is important to check these out, especially with horse racing, also adding in distance travelled by a team or distance of the stable to a particular meeting, along with many other factors that come under this category.

*** All of the pointers mentioned above are important to us before we pass on our advice to you.

It will help your own study, to have additional help, that's why you should join us, our monthly subscriptions are certainly excellent value, when you consider we monitor all the points mentioned above on a daily basis, before delivering our advice.