Trading On Sports Small Steps, Long Term Profit

To be able to stay in profit year in and year out, I strongly advise you also subscribe to other sports and racing advisors.

Also allow yourself a break now and again.

I constantly review the ongoing performances of other well known successful sports and racing advisors.

It is very important you monitor their results over at least 100 trades or more, before you part with any of your cash.

I will from time to time substitute ones that I feel are under performing or I can see someone in their specialist field is doing much better.

I also like to choose advisors in sports that I do not have an edge with, this also allows you to spread your trades out and to the bookmakers it looks like you are betting on anything and everything.

My own goal is to generate an overall annual profit, from time to time one advisor will be in much better form than yourself or another particular advisor, this method is without doubt the most effective way to trade sports and racing on a regular basis.

Although to a lot of people they will have to start off with one or two advisors then build up, when they have generated enough profit to trade on another advisors recommendations.

My current TOP 4 other Sports and Racing Advisors to follow:-

Very experienced sports traders

PETER WEBB of BetAngel ....... I strongly advise you watch is trading YouTube Videos and read his blog regular.

PRICEWISE ....... Although this service is now very carefully monitored even by the major high street bookmakers.

ANDREI NITU ....... Can be found on BetAdvisor senior tipster for Basketball. Start service when he's on a bad run, for his overall win rate is currently at 55% (27/08/16) he normally produces a year on year decent ROI % Yield.

ANDREAS KLOFT ....... Again can be found on BetAdvisor tips on Rugby overall win rate 58% (27/08/16)